Tobias Fifield

My new work titled 'Visual Medicine' explores a landscape of textural forms complemented with a healing mood of color values, promoting positive change to tune our feelings and emotional connections with vivid interference colors. Through the exploration process, I have created an aesthetic experience that showcases distinctive memory qualities of scent – its evocativeness, variability, and directness by displaying our sense of smell’s inherent subjectivity personal reflections and intimacy, creating a series of olfactory artworks that generate thought-provoking insights of smells & taste, spirituality, and our philosophy of the senses. Being inspired by works with color & light in Chromotherapy such as Van Gogh’s use of toxic bright emerald green for his self-portrait, made from arsenic which is mixed with copper, producing a gorgeous minty color. I am mixing my own color pigments printed from natural fibers and actual scents of lemons, tea leaves, tree bark etc.,


I have lived and worked as a teaching Artist collecting rubbish and other found materials, mostly indigenous materials from each culture I have visited; I have been using found scraps of rubbish throughout Asia transforming relief printmaking works from disposable waste, creating modular sculptural forms that I continue to experiment with. My work is a personal documentation; leaving the notion of minimalism with a composition focusing on relationships of individual disconnection of disposable waste contrasted against bold bright bold colors. This methodology in creating a modular wall sculpture represent time as a temporary documentation of our existence in an ever-growing disposable society that is waiting for change. I have adopted a minimalist artistic practice in my work, being subtractive; abstracting the objects that I find into relief mono-prints adding textures, creating modular assemblage installations.

I create engaging art that evokes both the emotional and social from viewers. My new work cultivates a sense of interdependence, promoting social interaction among strangers by increasing viewers’ curiosity in innovative sculptural forms. My artworks have been on public view in Major Art Museums in Asia, International Children’s Museums, Art Galleries, Art Universities and Exposition Centers including the Children's Museum of Art (Japan), the Chosun-ilbo Art Museum (Korea), The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and most recently in Hong Kong/China, India and Thailand. My professional development experience as a designer in industrial design influenced my skills to advance in teaching fellowships and artist-in-residence programs in Korea, India, Japan, and Thailand. Returned to the U.S. from Asia in 2019 as a re-emerging artist.

Mentorship: I would be interested in mentoring other artists

Artistic Discipline: 
Visual Arts
PO Box 14171, San Francisco, CA 94114