Vickie Lawrence

My name is Vickie Lawrence. I am from San Diego CA. I am a founder of non-profit organization, Dancing Around The Oak Tree Art Studio Inc.

Yes the Arts program helped me as an Artist to provide opportunities to create many different types of Artwork. Also taught online with social media Instagram,Facebook. Weekly classes. Online via zoom to participants with Developmental Disabilities.

I was able to Network with community members and had an increase in Social media, with Instagram posts of dancing_around_the_oaktree. The participants who took part of the classes shared their thoughts about the arts sessions. All comments were positive and appreciated. The art sessions allow participants to Socialize. By doing this friends were formed and helped others to deal with stress. Furthermore, my networking has improved by collaboration with different artists in the community. I have worked with Revision, Access to Independence, Community Interface Services, Special needs resources Foundation of San Diego. The artwork that I worked on is called the Snowman. It was part of the zoom art classes I hosted. Another art zoom class that I hosted via zoom was called the Winter Night. I will attach two art pieces. One is from the Snowman zoom class and the other is from Winter Night zoom class. I had learned so much about arts and how to plan new projects for the upcoming arts events for the community of artists. You could check out the website at