Vickie Lawrence

My name is Vickie Lawrence. I am from San Diego , CA. I am an artist and art teacher. I am a founder of non-profit organization, Dancing Around The Oak Tree Art Studio Inc. With the funding assistance .I had many opportunities to create many different types of Artwork. Also taught online with social media Instagram, Facebook. Weekly classes online via zoom to participants with Developmental Disabilities.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic I continued to provide free art classes and sent out free canvases and paint supplies so that those on fixed incomes could fully experience art without needing to access art stores or use their limited SSI.

I was able to Network with community members and had an increase in Social media, with Instagram posts of dancing_around_the_oaktree. Some of the participants from the community that took part of the arts classes. Share their expressions about the arts classes .One of the art classes some of the participants were able to share that they had a hard time dealing with Covid-19 Pandemic .

In the arts classes there is social time. The participants are able to meet new friends and to encourage one another when someone is dealing with stress.

In the art classes participants are allowed to come up with arts projects. One of the participants came up with an art project of purple flowers. It is called the Purple flower garden of nature. The project that I worked on is paper mache sandals. It is made from newspaper, clay, and bead artwork.

My networking has improved by collaboration with different artists in the community of San Diego CA. I have worked with Revision, Access to Independence, Community Interface Services.

There was some feedback from the participants that took the zoom art classes events. (1) Learning how to do new things with materials for Christmas, Birthdays, and holidays. (2) I appreciated her spending the supplies on me to be able to follow the class.

I was not able to have an arts show in person. Because Covid-19 Pandemic. Some of the arts are display for purchase on the website at

I had Iearn so much about arts and how to plan new projects for the upcoming arts events for the community of artists. Some of the participants asked about doing art projects. About making a big red Barn.