Janis Butler Holm

In 2020, the National Arts and Disability Center, in conjunction with the California Arts Council, funded a grant sponsoring my internship with the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, culminating in written interviews with 5 dramatists. During this time, I

  • attended ALAP online functions: play readings, Webinars, member meetings.
  • identified good interview prospects, focusing on woman-identified, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ L.A. playwrights with interesting stories from which I could learn.
  • carefully researched written materials (c.v.s, blogs, etc.) in order to tailor interview questions to each interviewee.
  • collaborated with interviewees on both questions and answers so as to produce coherent narratives.
  • researched online literary magazines to find a good "fit" for each dramatist interview.

The interviews have since been published here:

The grant also funded promotional items necessary for career advancement:

  • an author Web page:
  • an author Facebook page:
  • domain registration and Web hosting fees for 2 years
  • business cards and business address labels.

As a result of the ALAP internship, I was able to converse with professional Los Angeles playwrights to whom I otherwise would not have had access. I discovered that interviewing is a great networking tool and a way to find potential collaborators. (I was able to line up interviews in 2021 with artists in other fields of interest.)

This grant provided me focus and direction during a worldwide emergency that left many artists relatively unproductive in 2020. My interviewees and I were grateful to have a means of expression, given the barrage of theater closings.

And I've increased my online presence in multiple ways: Web site, social media, publication.

Given that I have chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome coupled with fibromyalgia, this internship, conducted entirely online, was truly a blessing. Thank you, NADC and CAC, for your very welcome support during a catastrophic global emergency.