Dawn Grabowski 's Story

Dangerous Perceptions

1st time receiving Grant

The first time I received a grant was approximately the beginning of 2009. I use the monies awarded to help do a final edit on my Feature Film entitled Dangerous Perceptions. Please check out the website www. dangerousperceptions.com.

The money was incredibly helpful because I wrote, starred, produced, and financed my Feature film through in-kind donations, family, and friends. To be clear, I come from a very working-class background. So, it was a really Grassroots Independent Film in every sense of the word.

Since completing the final edit for Dangerous Perceptions, it has been at Action on Film Festival both in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Finishing the edit on Dangerous Perceptions has opened up my world of contacts, putting me in touch with distributors, other film makers, and many Artists through the Action on Film Festival Network. This will be my third year attending the Action on Film Festival, and they continue to support every new endeavor that I create.

What's your Channel 4 Life ?

2nd Time receiving the grant (most recent)

The most recent time I received the Arts and Disabilities Grant was this April 2018. I wrote and created an acting piece to be submitted For Your Consideration (FYC) for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy or Drama, Short Form for The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (One of The Awards for Television Excellence/ The Emmys). I, basically, submitted a web series called What's Your channel 4 Life.? The entire web Series can be found on www.whatsyourchannel4life.com

My Emmy entry is called Barbie + Ken and it is episode number 4 in the What's Your Channel 4 Life series.

This is only the third year that they had the Short Form category. As a Performer With a Disability (I have Cerebral Palsy. I use crutches and/or a wheelchair daily). I typically only audition for roles that are under 5 or less. This is not always give me the opportunity to mainstream and show my work as much as I would like. As a result, I create a lot of my own work.

The ending on this particular story has not been written yet. I'm hoping for a happy Hollywood ending. I would like to receive an Emmy Nomination, and ultimately the Emmy win for my Short Form entry What's Your Channel 4 Life? Voting for the Emmy Awards begin on June 10th and nominations are announced mid-July 2018.

So far, the For Your Consideration (FYC) process has been fun, exciting, eye-opening, and exhausting all rolled into one. As a truly independent Artist, I'm learning a lot about the Studio System and major production companies in town. Through my efforts of networking at all these FYC events, I met a group of extraordinary people who work in the entertainment industry. My hope is, by showcasing myself, my work as an Artist will be seen by more people and I will have more opportunities to work mainstream in a Non-Traditional Acting capacity.