Roger Mendenhall

My name is Roger Mendenhall and I started my career as a custom woodworker and custom furniture maker. I began by refilling glue bottles sweeping up and cleaning the bathrooms. Fortunetly my foreman and I became fast friends and he saw promise and my passion for the woodwork. I quickly moved up to a master woodworker and custom furniture maker. I learned wood carving and worked on many antique reproductions pieces, that were prominetly featured in many museums and art galleries all over the world. I've worked as an artist and shop carpenter for 'scenic' shops as well, which entail doing custom work for movies, television, major Las Vegas shows, and on Broadway.

I have had my work prominently featured in Architectual Digest for my Frank Loyd Wright furniture pieces (as seen on my website below.) My work has been spotlighted and praised by the critics and fans of the t.v. show Star Trek at For my building of all the furniture and other work on the "Star Trek Experience" here in Las Vegas. For which I was featured and interviewed by CNN News.

Prior to all of this I was a professional musician, and have always had a zeal for music and the arts. I have always loved hiking, gardening, camping, fishing, reading, and to research and study many subjects of interest.

I also love to volunteer, to help those who cannot help themselves.

Artistic Discipline: 
Visual Arts
  • Custom Woodworker
  • Custom Furniture Maker
  • Woodcarver
  • Custom Art Furniture
  • Faux Finisher
  • Sculptor in clay and foam

(Currently working on my stick figure comic strip) Artistic discipline: Visual Arts Disability type: Epilepsy, BPDO, PTSD, Chronic Pain

Mentorship: I would like to be mentored

Disability type: 
Epilepsy, BPDO, PTSD, Chronic Pain
Phoenix, Arizona 85008