Rachel Ungerer

Artist Bio
Rachel Ungerer is a native San Francisco Bay Area artist, who uses gestural brush strokes to investigate the commonalities and uniqueness in our humanity. Her passion for making art drove Ungerer to earn a bachelor's in fine art from the University of California at Los Angeles and a degree in animation from Ex’pression College. Her work has shown in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Kentucky. As an painter with an invisible disability in both her hands, Ungerer hopes to bring awareness to invisible disabilities and eliminate the negative stigma surrounding disability in our culture.

Artistic Discipline
Rachel Ungerer’s primary artistic discipline is painting. She also enjoys drawing, ceramics, printmaking, & multimedia work.


  1. Bachelor of Applied Science in Animation and Visual Effects from SAE Ex’pression College for Digital Arts in August 2014.
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from the University of California, Los Angeles in June 2011.
  3. Pre-College Courses in Drawing and Painting at California College of the Arts in 2006.

Professional Experience:

  1. "Mission Artists United Group Show” at Back to the Picture in San Francisco, California. 2017
  2. “Holiday Group Show” at Spark Arts Gallery in San Francisco, California. 2016
  3. “Reflection Station” at ACPA - College Student Educators International Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. 2012

Teaching Experience

  • I was a Professional Artist Consultant for Saint Mary’s College High School’s Advanced Placement Art class. I enjoyed critiquing artwork in a way that inspired students to push the limits of their artistic understanding.
  • As a Recreation Leader for Adventure Playground in Berkeley, I taught children and adults how to make full sized, functional wooden forts. The Adventure Playground is an outdoor facility where children & adults use hammers, saws, and paint to create small wooden sculptures, build multistory wooden forts, and play. It is a free and creative space where children can change their environment in creative ways.
  • As a Recreation Trainee I designed and taught small group artistic activities to children and adults. I particularly enjoyed teaching them how to create floating miniature boats from wood and found materials"

Accommodation Needs
I have a chronic illness that causes constant pain in both of my hands. It is important for me to take breaks while I work. Therefore I work no more than 24 hours a week in 6 hour shifts. I need to take short breaks every 1.5 hours to stretch. To accommodate the chronic pain I setup a workstation that is adjustable. While paintings I often rotate between standing, sitting in a chair, and holding the canvas in my lap. If I work on the computer I use an adjustable keyboard tray.


Disability Description
Physical/Mobility disability

Berkeley, CA 94708

Phone: (510) 610-0227

Email: UngererRachel@gmail.com

Website: www.RachelUngerer.com

Women's March Series: https://www.rachelungerer.com/womens-march

Artistic Discipline: 
Visual Arts
Disability type: 
Physical Disability