Nahshon Dion

Nahshon Dion is a multi-talented, award-winning creative nonfiction writer, teaching artist, creative director, event producer, and arts patron from Pasadena, California. Nahshon’s literature speaks to discrimination and violence many Black and Brown youth face. She has been published in several anthologies and literary journals. Since 2013, she's received dozens of grants, fellowships, artist residencies, honors, and awards, from across the nation monetarily totaling over $210,000 that provided ammunition and support towards developing her forthcoming memoir, "Shootin' Range". Nahshon’s existence and resilience show how marginalized youth can reach their full potential and shine with dignity when their rainbow is blurred. As a grant writer for over a decade, Nahshon has paid it forward by voluntarily assisting dozens of artists and entrepreneurs across the nation with obtaining tens of thousands of dollars in grants and funding.

She also produces and hosts a weekly hour entertaining chat titled TRANSBRATIONS on Youtube. "It's such a good transbration! It's such a sweet sensation!" Nahshon Dion