Moya Devine


Moya Devine was born in Neuilly sur Seine France and grew up in Louisiana and California before moving to Hawaii where she spent the rest of her adolescence through college years. Following graduation from the University of Hawaii she moved to San Francisco. She then started a small dance and performance company, Brand X Theater, with her partner at the time, Barb Roesch. Her award-winning work focused on themes of gender and the body. She has completed residencies at the San Diego Museum of Art and Atlantic Center for the Arts and her work has been shown internationally at museums, colleges, universities, art spaces, libraries and galleries. She has also worked as Business Manager of Franklin Furnace in New York City, Development Director of Art ReGrup in San Francisco and has taught art in public schools throughout California.

Education: Ms. Devine studied visual art at the State University of New York Purchase and SUNY Westchester School of the Arts and received her B.A. in Drama with an emphasis in Dance from the University of Hawaii. She has since studied Education at California State University San Marcos, Humboldt State University and the University of California San Diego, receiving her California Clear Teaching Credential in 2016.

Artistic Discipline: 
Visual, graphic experiential and performance art.
Santa Clara, CA