Margaret/Maggie Powell

I grew up in Alhambra, California the youngest of 8 with an Artist mother who graduated from Immaculate Heart College and then did her masters at UCLA. My 6 older brothers are musicians and artists so I was surrounded with creativity. I was born with 2 passions, a love for horses and art. First I followed the horse addiction and had a successful career teaching and training. Now I am engrossed in art, and am an older student, currently finishing at Santa Barbara City College as a Studio Art Major, and excited at the prospect of transferring to UCSB College of Creative Studies in the Fall of 2021.

I love learning! I'd just begun tutoring when Covid closed our SBCC Adult Ed. Facilities. I'm looking forward to again being a part of a group of like minded creative people. I am blessed to have recently received a Grant from NADC to pursue a long awaited project of casting one of my small sculptures in Hydrocal plaster to be offered for sale. Stay safe everyone, and keep on creating!

I have an age and sports related spinal disability, and my hands are compromised, from my first career as an Equestrian, but I get along fine. I'm not a city person and currently rent a room in cottage on a horse farm in the foothills of Carpenteria, California, where I love to work outside sculpting, drawing and painting.

Artistic Discipline: 
Visual Arts

I am a Sculptor and Artist with a focused passion for semi-abstract ceramic work. No matter the medium, my joy is in capturing the essence and expression of organic forms with a minimum of detail. For my ceramic sculptures I've explored and favor natural mineral stains, though some pieces call out for glazing! For me it is a fascinating medium that draws me on-wards in exploration of the possibilities.
After 5 years of building a portfolio, in 2019 I focused on exhibiting in local Galleries, the wonderful Carpinteria Arts Center, the Faulkner in Santa Barbara through our Sculptors Guild, The Palm Loft in Carp., and most wonderfully in the renowned Beatrice Woods Gallery in Ojai, with the Ventura County Potters Guild. 2020 started out great with a "Cutting Edge" show at the Arts Center which was shut down due to the virus. I want to keep my art momentum and budding career going, and am currently enrolled in 2D Design and Art History etc. at SBCC and working remotely, as well as looking forward to starting my project through NADC.

Disability type: 
Degenerative Spinal Disease
817 W. Figueroa St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101