Joshua John

Welcome to the new age of photography, as seen through the eyes of a generation X digital photographer, Joshua John. Joshua was born in southern California in the late 70's and raised in the south west part of the United States. His life growing up was anything but typical allowing him to view the world through unique eyes. His art of photography has been called abstract, unique and innovative with a natural flow and feel. Joshua has had no formal training in photography but prides himself on great attention to detail as well as his framing and composition. He has exhibited work in Holland, Northern California and in the fine arts museum in San Francisco CA the "De Young". His work hangs in Executive offices, wine houses, coffee shops and many personal homes. The “Liquid Reflections” series is an attempt to create a painting through photography by using water; the depth of the water, the color and nature of the sediment at the bottom of the water, the direction of the wind, the time of day and sun’s reflection mixed with the traditional techniques of film photography, and a side helping of time, sweat and passion. There is an impressionistic feel to the work created. The reflections from the canals were taken in the north of Holland in the cities of Groningen and Twello. Alterations through Photoshop were not used. These photographs are completely natural. The artist created this technique to evoke emotion and to spark the imagination. He uses this unique style to produce reflections that simulate the look of paintings. By doing so, the camera becomes the paintbrush and nature and its beauty become the canvas. This "one of a kind" technique is reflected through a series of photographs Joshua John calls his “Liquid Reflection” series.

Artistic Discipline: 
Visual Arts