Jodi Bonassi

I am self-taught with a professional art practice since 1990. I have shown locally, nationally and internationally. In my career I have been reviewed in the LA Times, Boston Globe, Diversions LA and more. My work has been published in Harper’s Magazine, The Chronicle Review, Hair’s How (Russia) Magazine and various local papers. My work mainly focused on People in places of communal exchange but I have now turned to Birds in nature in order to find serenity in the chaos. In 2018 I was one of 12 artists chosen (a mix that was local, national and international) for Studio Systems 2 (Max Presneill, curator) at Torrance Art Museum, a special month long residency.

Education: I am a self taught artist. I do have a BA degree that was earned many years after my art practice.   I earned this degree at Cal State University Northridge with help from the Center for Disabilities.  I have a high level dyslexia but thru their program was able to attain a degree with honors.  It was something I always wanted and I continued to do art exhibitions and a city commission during this time. 

Professional Experience: I had a solo exhibition “Bird By Bird” at MOAH, the Museum Of Art and History in Lancaster in their MOAH Cedar space in February 2022.  I also was included in DRAMA: Story Telling In Art in their February Exhibit.  I am currently in “Aviary” a group exhibition curated by Betty Ann Brown, a well-respected Art Historian, Arts writer and curator in the LA Art Community. 

Teaching Experience
West Valley Christian Church School 1996-2002 (1st-12)               
Woodcrest School, Woodland Hills, 2003-5(1-5th)
Northridge Academy as a guest teacher under Rene Shufelt
I was a teacher in a Guest Artist Series in 2017 under David Valentine for the School of Visual Arts And Humanity (SVAAH) Janet Yoo 

Artistic Discipline: 
Visual arts
(818) 274-7393