Jessica Keller

Fresno, California


From my dabbling in photography comes a renewed life to my paintings. I choose a subject to paint from the vast collection of my photographs. Some of my inspiration comes from reoccurring dreams of places I’ve never visited and works in progress I’ve yet to start and finished paintings on exhibition. This seems to be occurring more frequent.

Before I begin to paint a specific location, structure, animal, or insect, I read to learn all I can about the subject of my painting which will then help me with the creative process. I'm in constant observation of color and light. Through my paintings…I want to bring beauty.


Jessica Keller is an award winning, self-taught artist. She was born in Fresno, California, and has made Northern California, Southern California, and Alaska her home until moving back to Fresno in 1998.

Her interest in painting began as a child. She works in oil and acrylic paint and her subjects range from portraits and animals to florals and nature to colorful landscapes and seascapes. Jessica paints in the style of realism. “Painting the fur on a goat or feathers on a bird or the texture of the petal of a flower is like meditation. My breathing become shallow, and I become very relaxed.” When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, Jessica began to create small works made of watercolor and collage in addition to her usual work.

In 2010, Jessica picked up her paint brush again after not painting for 5 years. During this time, she dabbled in photography and enjoyed the artistic process of taking pictures. Jessica began painting once again with a renewed vision and fire. Her newest paintings are taken from those photographs she took during her photography exploration. She continues to pursue photography as a passionate pastime, but painting is still her true love.


I currently teach a weekly painting class to residents at a skilled nursing facility in Fresno, California.

Artistic Discipline: 
Visual Arts
Disability type: 
Muscular Dystropy
Fresno, CA 93727