Ayin Es

Ayin Es is a self-taught, contemporary mixed media abstract artist from Los Angeles. They are known for their unusual modern oil paintings, weird drawings, storytelling personal collages, and Artist's books. Ayin has exhibited in major galleries and universities across the United States, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New York, with solo shows in California, Texas, and Tennessee. They are widely collected by museums such as the Getty, Brooklyn Museum, National Museum of Women in the Arts, as well as the Precision Cancer Building of San Francisco State University and many private collections. A two-time recipient of ARC Grants from the Durfee Foundation and the National Arts and Disability Center, they have also won a Pollock-Krasner Fellowship, the Wynn Newhouse Award, and the Bruce Geller Memorial Award from the American Jewish University. Their work has been reviewed in Artillery, LA Times, ArtScene, LA WEEKLY, ArtLTD, Art&Cake, and WhiteHot Magazine. In response to when we could not use our reusable bags in grocery stores, Ayin found a way to re-use and re-purpose the paper bags as art. They used mixed media paint with paper, fabric, and stitching on paper bags. For more information about Ayin’s art and current shows go to: https://esart.com/.