Ana Carrillo

Ana M. Carrillo grew up in a neighborhood known as "La Colonia" in Oxnard, California. Being the "quiet one" born into a large boisterous family allowed her to observe unobtrusively the daily struggles, emotions and actions that was part of the everyday life experienced by her family and those in her neighborhood. Ana’s natural creativity developed at a young age and as she matured and faced her own demons in life her art evolved as well. Ana’s love for art and literature is visible in all aspects of her life. Various pieces of her work have been exhibited at 643 Project Space, 18th Street Arts Center, Buenaventura Gallery, Ventura's Westside Art Walk, Stoneworks Studio, Acuña Art Gallery and Cultural Center, BLVD3, RAW: Natural Born Artists Showcases, and Koret Auditorium at the De Young Museum, Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (Art Slam).

Most recently, Ana was the lead artist coordinator for the youth art workshops and community mural project for the Oxnard Housing Resident Services Program.

She was funded by the Arts and Accessibility Technical Assistance grant in 2016. She used the funds to purchase new supplies in order to create 6 new paintings on gallery wrapped canvas entitled, “Nontraditional Community Icons.” In addition, she organized a plein-air workshop in the heart of Oxnard Downtown District where she displayed the artwork and engaged the community in a positive art painting activity.