Alta Ifland

Alta Ifland is a Romanian-born American writer and translator. She is the author of four collections of short stories and prose poems, including Voix de glace/Voice of ice (Louis Guillaume Prize), Death-in-a-Box (Subito Press Fiction Prize), Elegy for a Fabulous World (finalist, NCBA in fiction) and The Snail’s Song. Her novel, The Wife Who Wasn’t, and her translation (with Eireene Nealand) of Marguerite Duras’s Le camion are coming out in Spring 2021.

Education: I have a PhD in French literature from the University of Florida, a DEA in Letters from the University of Strasbourg (France) and a BA in French and Romanian literature from Romania. I do not hold an MFA like most American writers. I learned to write by reading a lot of literary works in many literary traditions. English is my third language.

Recent professional experience: Excerpts from The Wife Who Wasn’t have been published in the following magazines: Trafika Europe (Spring, 2020) and The Blue Nib: The Ink Pods (Winter, 2019).

Teaching: Between 1993 and 2004 I taught French language and literature as a teaching assistant at the University of Florida, a Visiting Assistant Professor at Oberlin College and a Lecturer at Arizona State University.

Artistic Discipline: 
Literary arts
Disability type: 
physical/mobility disability