Cognitive Leap Signs Exclusive License Agreement with UCLA Longevity Center

February 26, 2017

Cognitive Leap will bring esteemed memory training programs from the UCLA Longevity Center to millions of people in need in China as an exclusive partner. With one of the largest and most rapidly aging populations in the world, China has tremendous need for innovative solutions for aging.  UCLA is a leading organization promoting healthy aging lifestyles and a community to help people live better and longer. With this partnership, Cognitive Leap will work with leading hospitals, senior living centers, and universities in China to localize and spread the UCLA memory training program.
Memory Training presents effective memory-enhancing techniques to individuals and organizations. The course combines expert presentations with group discussions, memory checks, and skill-building exercises and provides an innovative educational program for people with mild memory issues. Written by Linda Ercoli, PhD and Gary Small, MD, the course is taught by certified volunteer trainers in a fun, interactive classroom environment.

It focuses on the four top memory challenges that people complain about:

  • Forgetting names and faces
  • Forgetting to do things in the future…like keeping an appointment, passing on a phone message, or forgetting why you walked into a room
  • Forgetting where you put things like keys, glasses or a wallet
  • Inability to immediately recall something you know or “tip of the tongue” memory challenge.

Each course is 2 hours, once per week, for 4 consecutive weeks.