How to Find a Class & Apply

Step 1 - Find a class.

View the Senior Scholars catalog for a condensed list of classes.      

To view the entire Fall Schedule of Classes*, visit the UCLA Registrar’s website:

Please note that while there are some limited in person courses available on the Schedule of Classes, these are only open to undergraduate students. Please do not apply for in person classes as Senior Scholars are not eligible.

i. DO NOT click on the Find a Class and Enroll or Class Planner features. Scroll below to Term.
ii. Select the Fall 2021 term and click on the box next to subject area for a dropdown menu of subjects.
iii. Click on your desired subject, and click “Go” to pull up a list of classes in that subject area.
iv. Look for classes numbered below 200.
v. Click on a class title, and the lecture information (Days, Time, Location, etc.) will drop down. Please make sure you are choosing "Online" courses only.
vi. Look only at lecture information (labeled Lec). Discussion sessions (Dis) and seminars (Sem) are not available to auditors.
vii. If you click on the “Lec 1” link, that will pull up another page with the course description.

*Restrictions Apply: language, laboratory, seminars, studio art, performing arts and other classes that require daily grading and/or daily professor-student interaction cannot accept auditors.

If you would like further help in viewing the schedule of classes:

  • You can watch an instructional video on our YouTube Channel:
  • Or, call us at 310-794-0679 for assistance.

Step 2 - Submit an application to the Senior Scholars Program

There are several ways to submit an application.

  • Apply online using this Apply Now button. (Applications for Fall Quarter are now closed.)
  • Call (310) 794-0679 to apply over the phone
  • We suggest listing an alternate course in case your first choice course is unavailable
  • The Longevity Center office is closed until further notice due to COVID-19 precautions, and employees are working from home. Please do not mail or fax in the application, or visit the office until you receive notice that we have reopened.

Step 3 - The Senior Scholars office requests approval from professors.

  • Attendance in any course must be approved by the professor through the Longevity Center.
  • Instructor approvals begin at the end of the application deadline. It can take several weeks before we hear back, and space is often limited, so please apply at your earliest convenience.

Step 4 - The Senior Scholars office will send you your course status.

  • Course confirmations for Summer 2021 will begin on June 1.
  • If we are unable to confirm your status, we encourage you to select an alternate course.