Class Website Help

How to Create a UCLA Logon

1. Go to and select "Create a UCLA Logon"


2.  Read and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy; then click the Next button.


3.  Select I do not have a UCLA Identification Number.


4. Input your name, date or birth and email address.


5.  Create a username (Logon ID), password, and security question following the onscreen instructions.

6. You have the option to add multi-factor authentication to your account - this is recommended for full time students and faculty who have personal information of value stored on their account, but is not necessary for Senior Scholars. 


7.  Safely store your Logon ID, password and security question answers; your Logon ID will remain the same throughout your time as a Scholar.


How to Reset Your Password

1. Go to and select "Reset Your UCLA Logon ID Password"


2. Select "I do not have a 9 Digit UCLA ID Number"


3. Enter your UCLA logon username, date of birth and email address associated with your UCLA logon account.


4. Enter your response to your challenge question.


5. Enter in your new password and select a new challenge question and answer.

6. Save your new password in a secure place with your UCLA logon username.


How to Lookup Your UCLA Logon


1. Go to and select "Lookup Your UCLA Logon"


2. Select "I do not have a 9 digit UCLA ID number"


3. Enter your last name, date of birth and email address affiliated with your UCLA logon account.



4. An inquiry will be opened and information will be sent to your email address.


How to Access to Your Class Website

1. Open the email titled "Site invitation for [class name]" and click ACCESS LINK

2. Enter your UCLA logon information

3. Click "Accept Invitation"

4. You now have full access to the course website. Look to the menu on the lefthand side to explore the website

5. After accepting the website invitation, you can go directly to the website link (no need to use the access link). You can find the link to the class website on your confirmation sheet. 

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