eurogenetics brings to bear the powerful tools of modern genetics and genomics to some of the most important and fascinating problems in all of biomedical sciences. UCLA is widely recognized as one of the leading centers of neurogenetics research. The breadth of the neurogenetics research program is extraordinary, ranging from investigations of invertebrate model systems within single laboratories to trans-disciplinary collaborative programs focused on complex human phenotypes, in the Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics. The Neurogenetics Focused Area of Research (FAR) is built around a well-established training structure and NIH-funded joint predoctoral and postdoctoral training programs in Neurobehavioral Genetics. These training programs exemplify the signature focus of the FAR; using genetics to integrate “neuro” and “behavioral” approaches to neuroscience investigation, with a particular emphasis on phenotyping of the nervous system-across systems from flies to humans-as a distinct scientific endeavor. Current faculty within the NIH-funded training programs represent a wide diversity of research interests and provide a broad range of opportunities for students. There is already an enormous level of interaction between faculty in the program, and this is enhanced by a yearly retreat, bi-monthly seminar series and a flexible core curriculum tailored to individual student backgrounds.