Gail E. Wyatt, Ph.D.
Hector F. Myers, Ph.D.
John K. Williams, M.D.

Honghu Liu, Ph.D., Investigator, is a Professor and Biostatistician in the Department of Dentistry-Pubic Health. Dr. Liu will conduct statistical analyses and plan for data cleaning and coding. He has extensive experience in conducting advanced statistical procedures in large and complex clinical trials. Dr. Liu will be the primary biostatistician on the study and will be responsible for the direction of all analyses of data. He will assist the principal investigator, oversee the programmer with the overall scientific design and conduct randomization groups. He will also consult with Dr. Laird on cluster analyses to capture the organizational Couples County and State levels that must be assessed. Dr. Liu will devote 1.2 calendar months in years 1-4 and 3.6 calendar months in year 5.