UCLA geneticists report promising method for the treatment of autism

October 2, 2011

Research to develop a mouse model for autism and test new therapies that may hold benefits for human patients was covered Oct. 3 by Ivanhoe News, Oct. 2 by Noticias de la Ciencia y la Tecnología, Sept. 30 by a Nature Medicine blog and Med Page Today, Fox News and My Health Daily, and Sept. 29 by New Scientist, Live Science, Yahoo News, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News and blogs io9 and Examiner.com.  Dr. Daniel Geschwind, who holds the Gordon and Virginia MacDonald Distinguished Chair in Human Genetics and is a professor of neurology and director of the Center for Autism Research and Treatment at the Semel Institute, led the study, which was published in the Sept. 29 edition of Cell.