Adults with autism: Independence and mental wellness

October 30, 2019

Dr. Caroline Grantz

Being a young adult is already challenging. Being a young adult with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can bring even more difficulties. If you’re a young adult with ASD, UCLA’s Child and Adult Neurodevelopmental (CAN) clinic wants to help! We are excited to announce the CAN AAIM Group – Adults with Autism: Independence and Mental wellness, due to start fall of 2019. The group will offer a 12-week education and support series for young adults with ASD. Facilitated by a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Caroline Grantz, this group is designed to both inform and provide strategies around difficulties that may arise from being a young adult with ASD. The purpose of the group is to focus on the challenges young adults with ASD may face, including anxiety, depression, and building independence. AAIM will not only provide a platform to meet other young adults with ASD, but to also provide a place to discuss and troubleshoot things that come up with being a young adult with ASD. If interested, please contact us at 310-794-4008 or at Some insurance plans accepted for this service.