What’s happening at the CAN and CARING Clinics?


At the CAN Clinic: Starting July 1st, the CAN Clinic re-opened in-person operations after moving all clinical services to telehealth following the COVID-19 Safer at Home orders. The CAN Clinic continues to support individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families during this particularly challenging time. While many individuals and families are receiving therapy, consultations, and medication management via telehealth, the CAN Clinic is also providing comprehensive multidisciplinary diagnostic evaluation through a hybrid approach of telehealth and in-person assessments. For more information, please contact Maria Shavers at clinic@autism.ucla.edu.

At the CARING Clinic: Amidst the unprecedented challenges we are all facing as a result of COVID-19, the CARING Clinic team remains committed to providing excellent care and services for patients during this time. We are seeing patients through telehealth visits where we continue to provide evaluations in neurology, genetics, psychiatry, educational consulting and speech/language consultations. For more information, please contact Careese Stephens at cmstephens@mednet.ucla.edu.