Updates from the SCAN Lab

The SCAN Lab at UCLA is recruiting for a new study, Sensory Regulation Development, which will examine how sensory processing and social skills develop in the brain. We are seeking participants ages 8-15 who: 1) are typically developing; or 2) are on the autism spectrum.

Data collected from this study will help us understand how sensory processing is similar and different in children and teenagers with and without autism, and allow us to investigate how sensory regulation develops, which will contribute to developing better treatments for sensory over-responsivity. The longitudinal study includes a 3-hour visit of cognitive testing, brain scan (fMRI), and physiological measurements (e.g., heart rate), and a follow-up visit approximately two years after the first study timepoint.

Participants will receive up to $270 as well as a picture of their brain! Participants can also request a research report on their sensory processing to seek further treatment if needed. Parking is free and we are available weekdays, evenings and weekends.

For additional information, contact us: