Helping Young Adults with Autism Achieve Employment

Many adults on the autism spectrum struggle to achieve employment despite having many strengths and unique skillsets to bring to the workforce. The UCLA CART’s College to Careers program, led by Dr. Amanda Gulsrud and Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, is focused on providing services to young adults in college and entering the workplace. Dr. Amanda Gulsrud has been awarded the Autism Speaks Transition to Adulthood Research Grant, which is being utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of a novel program to address these challenges. The intervention will include an adapted version of the UCLA PEERS® program, in the format of a 20-week PEERS® for Careers class focused on the social skills needed to obtain and maintain employment (e.g., building a resume, interviewing skills, conflict resolution in the workplace). The 20-week class will be followed by a 10-week internship through organizations partnering with the program. This intervention will additionally include employer support and coaching, as well as ongoing peer coaching for participants. The study is recruiting individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who have obtained some post-secondary education, and who are interested in acquiring job-related, social, and practical skills. The program is expected to begin in mid-March 2020! Virtual learning opportunities may be available. For more information: