BOSA training provides instruction for ASD assessment measures during COVID-19

BOSA Training Team

Dr. Catherine Lord and her lab at UCLA have been busy responding to the global need for a “socially-distanced” assessment measure for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) during COVID-19 restrictions, as the gold-standard Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) is not valid if done with a mask or other personal protective equipment (PPE). In collaboration with Dr. So Hyun “Sophy” Kim at Weill Cornell, they have created the Brief Observation of Symptoms of Autism (BOSA), a 12-14 minute interaction between an individual and their parent or therapist using a standardized set of materials, adapted from the ADOS-2 and Brief Observation of Social Communication Change (BOSCC). So far, over 5,000 people have registered for the online trainings or watched the recorded training on CART’s YouTube channel, and 2,500 people have signed up to use the measure. To learn more about the BOSA or watch the online training, visit the CART BOSA Training website.