Employer Enrollment

Looking for bright, motivated young adults to complete short-term projects? Interested in increased productivity and strengthening diversity in your workplace? The UCLA College to Career Transition Program seeks employers interested in providing internship or employment opportunities to our young adults!

The College to Career program offers a 20-week training course for autistic young adults that teaches employment related social skills (e.g., building a resume, interviewing skills, navigating workplace communication and relationships, stress management, prioritization of work tasks, etc.) and then pairs them with a 10-week community internship. Our program will provide trainings for employers, including presenting information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD), strengths specific to these young adults, and how to best support these individuals at work. Our team can provide on-going support to your staff in working with these young adults.

All the young adults have some amount of college education and have various interests, ranging from basic clerical tasks to complex engineering work! Here are some of our young adult's interests:
Finance/ Business Firm
Park Ranger
Criminal justice, law enforcement
Statistics/Data Analysis
Child/adolescent psychology
Video Editing
Voice Over Acting
Working with Animals
Food Services
Sports management/marketing
GIS mapping
Working with deaf people/ individuals with disabilities
Marine biology/water quality/aquarium work
Library Sciences
Computer science/programming
Video game design
Tutoring in math/science
Web design/digital arts
Sound editing
Astrophysics, cosmology
Creative Writing
Politics/Policy work
Grocery stores

If you have any questions, please contact: collegetocareer@mednet.ucla.edu.