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06/23/2020 UCLA Study for Individuals taking Risperidone or Aripiprazole
11/17/2014 Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson: "From Play Dates to Romantic Dates: Social Skills Training for Individuals with ASD Across the Lifespan"
11/07/2014 Dr. Ralph Axel Mueller tomorrow at CART
10/22/2014 View Slides from the ABCs of Autism Panel Discussion
10/14/2014 Join CART for the ABCs of Autism on Oct 15th @ 6pm
10/10/2014 Upcoming Free Conference
09/09/2014 Coffee CART - Free Community Lecture on Sept 26 @ 9am
09/04/2014 CART and CAN Present: ABCs of Autism Seminar
07/22/2014 CART’s Dr. James McCracken Discusses Autism and Pharmacological Research and Development with U Magazine
07/18/2014 New Summer Newsletter from CART
07/08/2014 iPads Help Communication for Minimally Verbal Children with ASD
06/30/2014 UCLA CART’s Dr. Charlotte DiStefano is named one of the 2014 Mexiner Postdoctoral Fellows in Translational Research by Autism Speaks
05/22/2014 UCLA CART Autism Affinity Group Presents Lecture and Q&A with Marsha Mailick, Ph.D. on June 6, 2014
04/30/2014 UCLA CART Autism Affinity Group Presents Lecture and Q&A with Peter Mundy, Ph.D. on May 2, 2014
01/02/2014 REGISTER TODAY! January 31st UCLA CART Annual Autism Symposium
12/02/2013 UCLA CART director, Dr. Geschwind, lead author on new autism study: Unraveling How Autism Disrupts the Early Brain
10/14/2013 UCLA CART faculty member Dr. Alice Kuo receives American Academy of Pediatrics Education Award
10/09/2013 CART Director Dr. Geschwind speaking at Stem Cell Day
09/25/2013 UCLA CART hosts Autism Speaks JOBS TownHall - Oct.2
09/13/2013 UCLA CART team at Autism Speaks community outreach event Sept. 7
07/05/2013 UCLA CART director Dr. Geschwind interview Aug.2 in UNWINDING AUTISM
05/24/2013 KNBC Highlights Effort to Find Cause of Autism in African Americans
05/24/2013 Autism Speaks Launches New Ad Council Campaign – “Maybe”
05/08/2013 CART Director, Dr. Geschwind - Press Conference May 17th
05/03/2013 CART Director, Dr. Dan Geschwind leads autism study of possible blood test
04/26/2013 UCLA CART Investigator Dr. McCracken in Autism NEWS
04/15/2013 UCLA CART Director Dr. Dan Geschwind awarded NIH autism grant
01/15/2013 CART Pilot Grant funding available - Applications due March 25, 2013
12/21/2012 CART Director, Dr. Daniel Geschwind was quoted in a Dec. 16 Los Angeles Times blog article profiling the gunman of the Sandy Hook tragedy
12/20/2012 CART shares Autism Speaks resources: Support for families in the wake of Newtown CT Tragedy
12/19/2012 HEADLINE – CART scientist Dr. Kasari’s study voted “Top 10 Research Advances of 2012” by Autism Speaks
12/17/2012 Dr. Daniel Geschwind, professor of neurology, psychiatry, and genetics and director of the Center for Autism Research at the Semel Institute, was quoted in a Dec. 5 Boston Globe article about the development of a prototype blood test for autism
11/15/2012 Dr. Carrie Bearden’s CART pilot grant study published in Autism Research
10/19/2012 CART Doctoral Student Co-Authors Book on Sports Therapy for Children with Autism
10/09/2012 CART autism expert publishes new book to guide parents
09/18/2012 Faculty from UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment receive multiple NIH awards
09/14/2012 UCLA CART researchers - UCLA gene research furthers understanding of autism
08/28/2012 Children of older fathers prone to certain disorders, study says
07/10/2012 Young Researcher Tackles Link between Genes and Autism
06/21/2012 UCLA study uncovers new tools for targeting genes linked to autism
06/21/2012 For young children with autism, directing attention boosts language
05/11/2012 Marian Sigman, Ph.D. 1941-2012 - In Memoriam
04/27/2012 UCLA CART's Dr. Shafali Jeste featured in American Academy of Neurology news
03/12/2012 CART Pilot Grant funding available - applications due May 7, 2012
12/15/2011 UCLA CART 4th Annual Autism Symposium
10/20/2011 Dr. Geschwind Elected to the Institute of Medicine
10/02/2011 UCLA geneticists report promising method for the treatment of autism
09/28/2011 'Autistic' mice created – and treated
09/16/2011 CART Autism Affinity Distinguished Lecture Series 2011-2012
08/14/2011 Siblings Autism Risk Much Higher Than Thought