Qualifications to Participate in C2C

In order to qualify, all students must be a DOR consumer and Regional Center eligible.  The design of C2C was predicated on requirements of the Higher Education Act of 2008 in that they:

  • Are offered by institutions of higher education (IHE)
  • Are delivered to students physically attending the IHE
  • Are designed to support students with intellectual disabilities (ID) in preparation for gainful employment
  • Include an advising and curriculum structure
  • Require students with ID to interact with non-ID students (One-half of participation in academic components)
  • (Other opportunities for inclusive coursework and activities)

The compliment of classes and services offered on each of the five campuses are different.  On some campuses students can take any class and on other campuses students can attend The Students participating in C2C are expected to participate in college level courses, be willing to participate in college activities and have a strong desire to be employed.  Interested individuals should contact the College to Career program of their choice for information on application requirements.