Pathway at UCLA Extension is a two-year, certificated educational program for young adults with developmental disabilities. Through a combination of educational, vocational, social, and residential experiences, the program will help participants develop the skills required for personal success at work, at home, and in the community, while providing opportunities for continuing educational growth. Pathway’s goal is to prepare young adults with developmental disabilities for independent living, employment, and lifelong learning.

Housing: Pathway students live in off campus apartments close to UCLA Extension.

Duration: The certificate program is a two year course of study.



Submit Application for Admission Fill out Applicant Questionnaire Three letters of recommendation from non-relatives who have known you at least six months. At least one reference should be from a teacher. Pathway recommendation forms are included in this packet and no other forms will be accepted. Personal Statement: Include facts about your background, goals, and other important information that may help us evaluate your application. The Personal Statement can be written, videotaped, or recorded. Please be creative. Originals will not be returned. Your exit IEP from high school and most recent IPP from Regional Center, if applicable. Transcripts from all secondary and post-secondary educational institutions

Program Content

Credit, Degree or Award: Certificate, Credit courses, Non-credit courses

Course Types: Academic courses, Basic skills, Vocational training

Volunteer opportunities, Internships & Employment: Internships, Off Campus employment, On Campus employment


Please inquire with program staff for detailed information regarding associated costs and fees (i.e. Tuition, Application, Books, and Miscellaneous).

Tuition Fees: Yes


$35,020 tuition fees/$11,700 housing fees.


Private scholarships and financial aid available to help with costs, please contact program for further information.

Program Transition

Transition services for Students exiting the program:

Students graduating from the Pathway program will have the opportunity to be connected with vendored or other agencies to assist with career counseling, job placement, and housing.

Course Type
Academic courses
Basic skills
Vocational training
Credit, Degree or Award
Certificate Credit courses Non-credit courses

Contact person: 
Jessica Broutt

(310) 794-1235

UCLA Extension
1145 Gayley Ave #200
Los Angeles , CA 90024 ,