College to Career at West Los Angeles College

College to Career (C2C) at West Los Angeles College is a three - year program designedto improve employment outcomes for students with intellectual disability (ID) and toexpand the range of jobs available to them. C2C program offerings include on-campusinstruction, support from educational coaches, on and off-campus internships related tostudentsā€™ employment goals, and job placement with follow-up, as needed. Programfocus areas are: employment, self-determination, independence, self-advocacy, andcollege course access. Students participate in campus activities to improve social andcommunication skills required for success in getting and retaining a job.

Students with ID take the following types of courses:

  • Typical college courses for credit
  • Orientation to college
  • Academic Guidance
  • Career Planning and Exploration
  • Social skills training
  • Study skills
  • Personal Development
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Workplace Readiness ā€“ Team Work and Effective Communication
  • Blueprint for Customer Service
  • Job Readiness

Housing: There are no housing options for any students at the college.

Duration: Students will complete the program after three years of academic andvocational training, work experiences and securing competitive integrated employment.



Criteria for admission include:

  1. The applicant is required to be a current consumer of the Regional Center with anintellectual disability
  2. At least 18 years of age or graduated with a high school diploma. Students ages 20-22 should have already exited from high school transition programs or opted out.
  3. The applicant must have a commitment to work and be prepared for the demands ofcollege classes and associated homework/exams
  4. Demonstrated compliance with the College Student Code of Conduct
  5. Ability to work, with decreasing support, in an independent placement following theC2C program.
  6. Meet the same requirements as all other students applying to this college
  7. Be able to safely navigate the campus independently
  8. Must meet eligibility guidelines for state agencies (i.e., VR, Adult DD agencies)
  9. Have a specific disability label or type
  10. Have basic safety skills in an unsupervised setting
  11. Have practical reading and writing skills


Applications are available on the C2C website, through local LEA, Help Group schools,and through case managers at the local Regional Centers ā€“ Westside, Lanterman,SCLARC and Harbor.

Program Content

Credit, Degree or Award: Award of participation/completion; Credit courses; NonCredit Courses; Certificate

Course Types: Vocational training, Credit and Non Credit, Independent living skills, Specialized classes for students with disabilities

Volunteer opportunities, Internships Employment: Volunteer opportunities, Internships


Please inquire with program staff for detailed information regarding associated costsand fees (i.e. Tuition, Application, Books, and Miscellaneous).

Tuition Fees: No


$46/unit; students can apply for fee waivers; students with high school diploma apply for FAFSA; remaining costs are paid by Department of Rehabilitation

Cost of books per year:

Book costs vary. The cost of books is covered by the Department of Rehabilitation.

Program Transition

Transition services for Students exiting the program:

Assistance is provided in career counseling, job search, and placement.

Course Type
Vocational Training; Independent living skills; Specialized classes for students with disabilities
Credit, Degree or Award
Certificate; Credit Courses; Non Credit Courses; Award of participation/completion

Contact person: 
Danielle Sheppard

Contact email: 

(310) 287-4284

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