College to Career at Sacramento City College

College to Career (C2C) at Sacramento City College is a three-year program designed to provide accommodations and support services to students with intellectual disabilities in postsecondary education. The program provides supports that assist students to access a range of general education courses across a host of academic and vocational areas. The goal of the program is to facilitate students’ transition to employment in their chosen career fields. It provides academic and career advising, support from educational coaches, supported internships on and off campus, job placement, and encourages participation in campus and community activities.

Housing: No housing is offered through this program.

Duration: C2C is a three-year program for students with intellectual disabilities although the time frame may be shorter than three years, depending on the students’ goals.



Criteria for admission include:

  1. The applicant is required to be a current consumer of the Regional Center with an intellectual disability
  2. The applicant must become a client of Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) by referral from Regional Center, if not already a client
  3. Be able to safely navigate the campus independently
  4. Must meet eligibility guidelines for state agencies (i.e., DOR, Adult developmental disability (DD) agencies)
  5. Have basic safety skills in an unsupervised setting
  6. The applicant must have a commitment to work and be prepared for the demands of school
  7. Demonstrated compliance with the College Code of Conduct
  8. Ability to work, with decreasing support, in an independent placement following the C2C program.
  9. Have practical reading and writing skills
Program Content

Credit, Degree or Award: Certificate, Associate's Degree

Course Types: Specialized classes for students with disabilities, Specialized vocational training for students with disabilities

Volunteer opportunities, Internships & Employment: Paid work, Internships, Volunteer opportunities


Please inquire with program staff for detailed information regarding associated costs and fees (i.e. Tuition, Application, Books, and Miscellaneous).

Tuition Fees: No


$46/unit; students can apply for fee waivers; remaining costs are paid by Department of Rehabilitation.

Cost of books per year:

Book costs vary. The cost of books is covered by the Department of Rehabilitation.

Program Transition

Transition services for Students exiting the program:

Assistance is provided in course work completion, career counseling, job search, placement, and short-term supported employment.

Course Type
Specialized classes for students with disabilities
Specialized vocational training for students with disabilities
Credit, Degree or Award
Certificate Associate's Degree

Contact person: 
Tasneem Sah

Contact email: 

(916) 558-2107

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3835 Freeport Blvd.
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