Conference Presentations

College to Career: Creating Equity for Students with Intellectual Disabilities by Wilbert Francis, Tasneem Sah, and Katharine Hayward, Ph.D.
December 1, 2016

A presentation was made at the Joint Special Populations Advisory Committee (JSPAC) Conference that highlighted outcomes of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Information was provided on some of the services that were being provided at
Sacramento City College’s College to Career program. The services were designed to assist students with intellectual disabilities (ID) in the transition from school, to higher education, and the workforce. A PDF version of the PowerPoint that was used for the presentation may be
accessed here.

Career Preparation through Work-Based Learning and Experiences by Stormy Miller, Ed.D, Wilbert Francis, Lindsay Eigenauer, April Guajardo, and Tasneem Sah
October 10, 2016

The College to Career (C2C) programs presented at the annual California Association of Postsecondary Education (CAPED) convention on 1) federal regulations related to postsecondary education; 2) workforce preparation; and 3) guidelines for new state policy on Paid Internship Programs and Competitive Employment Incentives. Information on strategies for developing work experiences and internships, and the effective use of on-the- job training, was highlighted. A PDF version of the PowerPoint that was used for the presentation can be found here.