Jeremy Sicile-Kira - The Story of My New Life

J Sicile-Kira

Acrylic on Canvas

Truly I wanted to paint the feeling and dream of my new life now that I am an artist and can paint in an art studio: Kindly I dreamt I painted the colors of my life as a painter frankly freeing the portraits I painted in my dreams, to see the light of day. Truly the green is for the calm my body feels when painting. Justly pink is the feeling of love of color and the love of being nicely in the moment of feeling frankly in love with color. Red is for the anxiety I might feel when there are not enough clients to pay for my studio. Cadmium yellow is for the fun I feel when the colors match up. Nice light lavender is there because I care about my very special clients. Light blue is greatly present for the knowledge the kind painting will provide the nice person whose color portrait I am painting. Orange is for the fun I have with my friends. White is for the hope that one day I will meet my true love. Kindly my life is so much better now. Gold and silver are plentiful, representing the importance of God in my life.

Describe Style and Technique
Frankly I layered lots of paint, let it dry. Put tape over some parts, painted again. Repeated until I felt the painting was done.