Previous Trainees

Date   NameProjectCurrent appointment
1998-2000Julie Bower, PhDPsychosocial factors in the treatment of malignancies: Coping and fatigue.Associate Professor, UCLA Dept of Psychology
2000-2002Jonas Hannestad, MD, PhDMolecular markers of inflammation in depression.Assitant Professor Psychiatry, Yale University
2000-2002Erin Jacobs, PhDRegulation of a myelin protein gene in the immune and nervous sytems: implications for multiple sclerosisUCLA Department of Psychiatry (2009)
2000-2002Anna Beylin, PhDClassical conditioning of immune responses.Clinical Psychologist
2001-2001Roberta Mancuso, PhDEffects of emotion on neuroendocrine processes.Assistant Professor of Psychology, Occidental College
2003-2005Alicia Collado-Hidalgo, PhDInflammatory processes in breast cancer survivors: Implications for fatigue.Research Scientist, National Genetics Institute
2003-2005Sarosh Motivala, PhDAutonomic stress reactivity and depression in rheumatoid arthritis.Assistant Professor in Residece, UCLA Semel Institute
2003-2005Leah Fitzgerald, PhDCytokine genetics and cancer.Assistant Professor, UCLA School of Nursing
2005-2007Naomi Eisenberger, PhDAn FMRI Study of Cytokine-Associated depression and social pain.Assistant Professor, UCLA Dept of Psychology
2005-2007Mary-Frances O'Connor, PhDComplicated grief in older adults: Physiological underpinnings of emotion regulation.Assistant Professor, UCLA Dept of Psychiatry & Biobehvioral Sciences
2007-2008Hyong Jin Cho, MD, PhDInflammatory markers and risk of depression recurrence.Research Track, Psychiatry Residency at UCLA
2007-2008David Creswell, PhDEffects of mindfulness training on neural responses to stress in older adults.Assistant Professor, Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University
2007-2009KaMala Thomas, PhDProstate cancer caregivers' health and quality of life.Assistant Professor, Psychology, Pitzer College
2008-2010Lavinia Fiorentino, PhDDeveloping a new behavioral treatment for insomnia: Effects on sleep and the immune system.Post-Doc; UCSD Dept. of Psychiatry; Gillin Sleep and Chronomedicine Laboratory
2008-2010Mary Hamby, PhDElucidation of the epigenetic modifications present in untreated and TGF-β1-treated astrocytes and microglia.Post-Doc; UCLA Dept. of Neurobiology
2009-2010George Slavich, PhDPsychoneuroimmunology of life stress, social rejection, and depressionAdjunct Asst Professor, UCLA Semel Inst
2011-2012Michael Jarcho, PhDMechanisms linking social rejection and depression: hormonal, neural, and immunological.Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, University of Iowa
2011-2012Yvette Milazzo, MD

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Insulin-like-growth Factor-I

Psychiatrist, S.D. Dept. of Mental Health
2010-2012Jude Carroll, PhD

Sleep, inflammation and cellular aging and the link to late life depression.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
2011-2013David Black, PhD

RCT of mindful awareness practices for sleep problems in older adults (MAPS study)

Assistant Professor of Preventative Medicine, University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine
2013-2014Sarah Ormseth, PhD

Behavioral treatments for rheumatoid arthritis

Research Scientist, UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
2013-2014Hyong Jin Cho, MD, PhD

Sleep disturbances as a vulnerability factor for inflammation-induced depressed mood

Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
2010-2015Donald Lamkin, PhD

Molecular mechanisms of stress effects on leukemia

Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior

2015-2016Eric Lopez Maya, PhD

Randomized control trial of a mindfulness-based intervention on stress-related inflammation biomarkers and executive control


Visiting Project Scientist

2015-2016Katie Chun, PhD

Perceived Social Isolation and Neuro-Immune Mechanisms


Post-Doctoral Fellow in PNI

2015-2016Kate Ryan Kuhlman, PhD

Childhoold trauma exposure and depression: Neuroendocrine and inflammatory mechanisms


Post-Doctoral Fellow in PNI

2015-2016Gemma Archer (PhD expected 2016)

Multicenter AIDS cohort study / women's interagency HIV study


Visiting Graduate Reseracher

2017-2018Alberto Collazzoni, PhD

Transcultural study on the stress in Italian and American samples

Visiting Project Scientist

2017-2018Milton Cazassa, PhD

Translation and adaptation of the Stress Adversity Inventory (STRAIN) to the Brazilian reality

Visiting Graduate Researcher