About Us

The Cousins Center for PNI was founded by a cadre of research scientists at UCLA, brought together through the efforts of Norman Cousins, with the aim of understanding the interactions between the brain and the body and the importance of psychological well-being for both health and recovery from illness.

"It becomes necessary therefore to create a balanced perspective, one that recognizes that attitudes such as a strong will to live, high purpose, a capacity for festivity, and a reasonable degree of confidence are not an alternative to competent medical attention, but a way of enhancing the environment of treatment. The wise physician favors a spirit of responsible participation by the patients in a total strategy of medical care."

Norman Cousins

What is Psychoneuroimmunology?

Psychoneuroimmunology is an interdisciplinary field of research including the behavioral sciences, neuroscience, physiology, pharmacology, and immunology. A major aim of the field is to examine interactions between behavior and the nervous and immune systems and how these interactions affect health.