01/15/2015 Meditation promotes health and happiness
01/08/2015 Dr. Michael Irwin's article in the Annual Review of Psychology, "Why Sleep Is Important for Health: A Psychoneuroimmunology Perspective"
11/19/2014 Dr. Erica Sloan receives 2015 STOP Cancer Award
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04/02/2014 A Simple Secret for Confident, Happy Kids, by Linda Rogers (Parent & Child)
02/04/2014 Drs. Michael Irwin and George Slavich "“From Stress to Inflammation and Major Depressive Disorder: A Social Signal Transduction Theory of Depression” in Psychological Bulletin
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11/20/2013 Lack of parental warmth, abuse in childhood linked to multiple health risks in adulthood
04/23/2013 Jude Carroll, PhD receives American Sleep Medicine Foundation
02/15/2013 Clinical Infectious Diseases Advance Access published February 13, 2013
12/12/2012 2013 APA / Lilly Research Fellowship Award to Hyong Jin Cho, M.D.
11/13/2012 UCLA Cousins Center for PNI and Kaiser Permanente collaboration funded to study breast cancer & depression
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01/26/2012 Cousins Professor receives 2012 WPA Early Career Research Award
12/07/2011 Cousins Professor named fellow by American Association for the Advancement of Science
09/26/2011 Cousins Center Recently Awarded Seed Grants
08/05/2011 In Nature Review Immunology, Drs. Michael Irwin and Steve Cole's "Reciprocal regulation of the neural and innate immune systems".