Clinical Responsibilities on Clerkship

  1. On each clinical rotation students will have individual patients assigned to them for evaluation and follow-up.
  2. Students will be responsible for doing write-ups following their evaluation of each patient assigned.  The clinical supervisor will outline the exact format. 
  3. In general, initial write-ups of hospitalized psychiatric patients should be completed within 24 hours of evaluation, and initial outpatient and consultation evaluations should be completed within 48 hours of evaluation.
  4. In conjunction with their faculty supervisors and/or psychiatric residents, students will be responsible for formulating and implementing appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic plans for assigned patients.
  5. Students will coordinate their follow-up of patients with the treatment team, and will document their follow-up with progress notes in the patient charts.
  6. Students may also be responsible for part or all of their patients’ discharge summaries. Discharge summaries should generally be completed within 24 hours of discharge, and should be reviewed and signed by appropriate site supervisors.