“The UCLA Child OCD, Anxiety, and Tic Disorders Program is a one-of-a kind program for kids and their families… My daughter re-blossomed in this program – I can’t say enough about my admiration for it and the doctors.”

“It made my life a lot easier because now I am not constantly worrying about things and I can focus more on what I want to be doing instead.”

“Staff and professionals were caring, terrific people.”

“It helped him get back his freedom that OCD had taken away from him.”

“It helped her understand what her triggers are and gave her strategies to stop pulling her hair.”

“Thanks to UCLA's program, we have our son back. After nearly two years of watching our 9 - 10 year old son fall deeper and deeper into despair and hopelessness due to OCD, we have our happy child back. He once again plays sports, has play dates, plays with his little sister, eats with the family... the list goes on and on. Thank you UCLA!”

“This program helped me so much. Before I had these tools to help me, I always had to do my tics and they bothered me so much at school, my house, and even when reading but thanks to you I have these tools to help me and I feel a lot better.” “It has helped my child by greatly reducing his tics. He has more control now and I feel it has been a success.”