Childhood OCD, Anxiety & Tic Disorders Program

Behavioral Therapy Effective in Treating Tourette Syndrom

May 18, 2010

Media Article Link:,0,4919791.story

John Piacentini, professor of psychiatry and director of the Child OCD, Anxiety and Tic Disorders Program at the Semel Institute, was featured May 18 in the Los Angeles Times, Reuters, Newsweek, Psychology Today, Science News, Business Week and Asian News International about a new form of behavior therapy that can work as well as drugs in reducing tics in youngsters with Tourette syndrome.

“Behavior Therapy Matches Drugs for Calming Tics”

“Begley: The Thinking Person's Guide to Easing Tourette's”

“Behavioral Therapy Effective in Treating Tourette Syndrome”,0,4919791.story

“Controlling the Uncontrollable”

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