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Celia Romero is the first recipient of the Mundy-Scott Award for Excellence in Autism. 

Lauren Kupis publishes a paper titled "Altered patterns of brain dynamics linked with body mass index in youth with autism" in the journal Autism Research.

Will Snyder recieves an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! 

Alexander Douma recieves a PRIME Summer Research Fellowship! 

Dr. Lucina Uddin recieves a Provost's Research Award to investigate the psychosical impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on children with ASD. 

Dr. Lucina Uddin publishes a blog post on Psychology Today titled "Flexible Brains and Adjusting to a Changing World". 

Dr. Lucina Uddin recieves an SSRC Rapid-Response Grants on Covid-19 and the Social Sciences!

Lauren Kupis publishes a paper titled "Evoked and intrinsic brain network dynamics in children with autism spectrum disorder"!

Lauren Kupis recieves the Neuroscience Louis Pope Life Fellowship Award! 

Dr. Uddin is interviewed by Spectrum News about the importance of rethinking neuroscientist's understanding of ‘noise'. [link]

Dr. Uddin is invited to present in a webinar hosted by UM-NSU CARD for families of children with autism and clinicians. Here, she discusses brain dynamics and flexible behaviors in autism as well as future research studies that will be conducted. [link]

Lab manager, Bryce Dirks, publishes a paper examining cognitive flexibility in children with autism. 

Undergraduate Research assistant, Emily Marshall receives the Nu Rho Psi (Neuroscience) award!

Dr. Uddin is named as the University of Miami's Psychology Department faculty mentor of the year! 

Dr. Uddin illustrates how analysis of brain dynamics can contribute to understanding flexible behaviors in autism, and discusses recent work parsing heterogeneity in neurodevelopmental disorders during Mailman Center Grand Rounds virtual webinar. [link]

Affiliated graduate student Judith Lobo accepts a postdoctoral position at UCSD!

Dr. Uddin discusses recent functional neuroimaging studies investigating brain connectivity in autism through a developmental lens during UConn Brain Imaging Research Center (BIRC) virtual seminars. [link]

Graduate student Lauren Kupis presents a poster during the University of Miami's annual Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium. 

Former graduate student Dina Dajani publishes a study developing and validating a new task to assess cognitive flexibility using fMRI. [link]

Graduate student Lauren Kupis receives the 2019-2020 Antonio Orlando Neuroscience Award for her project looking at Structural and Functional Brain Connectivity! 

Undergraduate student Adriana Baez publishes a paper confirming earlier findings suggesting heterogeneity of executive function abilities among children with autism. [link]

BCCL travels to New York City to present at the 2019 annual Flux Congress, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience meeting. 

Dr. Jason Nomi receives NIH and NARSAD funded grants! 

Lauren Kupis joins BCCL as a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Student! 

BCCL travels to Rome for the 2019 annual Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) conference. Dr. Uddin serves as Program Chair, she along with lab members presented at the meeting. [link]

Dr. Dina Dajani, successfully defended her dissertation investigating the neural correlates of cognitive flexibility, which included studies of brain connectivity in autism.

Dr. Uddin and Dr. Nomi presented their work on brain variability at the Sixth Biennial Conference on Resting-State and Brain Connectivity in Montreal.

Lab manager, Willa Voorhies, publishes paper exploring the integrity of inhibitory control networks in children with ASD and typically developing (TD) children using resting state functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) [link]

Graduate student, Dina Dajani, presented her newest study this week at a Developmental Neuroscience conference in Berlin. She is looking for new ways to use brain connectivity to understand differences in flexible behaviors in children with autism and ADHD.

The lab presented their research at the Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping in Singapore. We’re excited to announce that our very own Dr. Uddin will be the Program Chair for next year's meeting in Rome!

Willla Voorhies accepts a Graduate School offer at the University of California Berkeley.

Lab Manager Willa Voorhies is selected as one of the winners of this year's Brainhack data blitz competition! Willa presented work examining the brain basis of flexible behaviors in children with autism. 

Dr. Burrows and Dr. Bolt, become the first PhDs to graduate from the lab! 

Graduate student, Taylor Bolt, describes a new approach for analyzing how brains "sync" with each other during task performance in his new publication. We hope to apply this method in our autism research in the future.[link]

Taylor Bolt accepts a post-doc position at Emory in the Keilholz Lab.

Catherine Burrows successfully defends her dissertation.

Congrats to our talented undergraduate researchers Sahana, Ozerk and Emily, who presented their research at the University of Miami RCIF today!

Dr. Jason Nomi publishes his work demonstrating that variability of brain signals relates to individual differences in ADHD symptom severity. We are now using this analytic approach to study children with autism. [link]

Our Principal Investigator, Dr. Lucina Uddin, who recently received the Organization for Human Brain Mapping's Young Investigator award, talks about the influence her immigrant background has had on her career in an interview. 

Dr. Shruti Vij accepts a post-doc position at the University of California San Diego Autism Center of Excellence.

Dr. Uddin receives 2017 USERN Prize in Medical Sciences. [link]

Dr. Uddin, Dr. Nomi, and Dr. Steimke discuss their recent research findings. [link]

Dr. Shruti Vij interviews Dr. Lucina Uddin for the OHBM Young Investigator Award 2017. 

Dr. Vij and Dr. Uddin discuss the making of the 2017 OHBM Young Investigator. [link]

Dr. Lucina Uddin receives 2017 OHBM Young Investigator award. [link]

Dr. Shruti Vij interviews Dr. Damien Fair at OHBM 2017. 

Dr. Vij and Dr. Fair discuss future directions for neuroimaging, diversity, mentorship and more!  [link]

BCCL travels to vancouver for OHBM 2017.

Congratulations to all lab members who presented posters at OHBM 2017 and to Dr. Lucina Uddin for a successful symposium! [link]

Dr. Lucina Uddin earns Tenure. 

New study by UM psychologists reveals that brain signals in specific regions change over a lifespan in ways that might be important for maintaining flexibility. 

Dr. Jason Nomi, Dr. Aaron Heller and Dr. Lucina Uddin discuss their recent findings about brain development and aging. Read the journal article published in Journal of Neurosicence here: /

Dr. Lucina Uddin's new book describing the salience network of the human brain. [link]

Dynamic functional network connectivity reveals unique and overlapping profiles of insula subdivisions. [link]

Dr. Lucina Uddin presents at Science on Screen, Coral Gables Art Cinema. 

New model of cognitive flexibility gives insight into autism spectrum disorder.  

Dina Dajani and Dr. Lucina Uddin discuss their model of cognitive flexibity and the insights it can provide into behavioal and neuropsychological disorders. Read the journal article here: doi: 10.1016

Dr. Lucina Uddin awarded 2014 NARSAD Young Investigator Award.  [link]