Dr. Mary O'Connor Interviewed for FASD 2014 Summit

Dr. Mary O’Connor is being interviewed about her Project Step Up Research as part of the Living With FASD 2014 Summit. Project Step Up was developed to address alcohol misuse in adolescents with FASD before they establish patterns of abuse or dependence.   The goal of the project was to test a developmentally appropriate alcohol intervention to serve as a deterrent to the devastating consequences associated with alcohol misuse in adulthood.  The intervention used in this study incorporated motivational enhancement techniques, normative feedback, risk assessment, and coping skills training in working with adolescents with varying levels of alcohol use and motivation to change.  Specifically, the study proposed to reduce alcohol consumption and alcohol-related negative outcomes in adolescents with FASD by providing a brief intervention that addressed strategies to cope effectively with the pressures associated with alcohol misuse. This interview will be broadcasted during the Summit which will take place September 9–20, 2014.