What resources are available to me from the Tarjan Center

Tarjan Center faculty provide technical assistance to people with disabilities, members of their families, and service providers at the local, state and national level. Faculty members act as consultants to policymakers at all levels. Tarjan Center faculty provide clinical services, training, and community-based programs to consumers, their family members, service providers, and representatives of various private and public organizations. The Tarjan Center provides academic training to undergraduates, graduates, and fellows who represent a wide range of disciplines in fields relating to developmental disabilities. They also work in community-based training projects, such as early intervention, assistive technology, and community services.

Like all UCEDDs, the Tarjan Center is affiliated with a major research university. Through research, Tarjan Center faculty develop, implement, and evaluate new ideas and promising practices in community settings. The research in biological, behavioral, and social sciences provides important new knowledge about human development. Tarjan Center faculty are in a position to collaborate on grants and contract services to organizations who serve individuals with developmental disabilities. Moreover, UCEDDs like the Tarjan Center have a strong commitment to sharing information and research findings with their broad constituency.