Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't live near UCLA?

We are trying to make the PEERS intervention available to families outside of the Los Angeles area, and we have created a specialized PEERS Training Seminar. The PEERS Training Seminar is solely for mental health professionals and educators who are interested in learning and/or implementing the PEERS intervention and research in their clinical practice or school setting. Please see our training page for information about certified providers in your area.

Do you offer a PEERS Training Seminar for parents?

Currently, our Training Seminars are solely for mental health professionals or educators.  If you are currently working with a psychologist or psychiatrist who you feel may be interested in attending the PEERS Training Seminar, please feel free to provide them with our contact information. The PEERS manual is designed as a guide for mental health professionals who wish to implement the PEERS intervention in their clinical practice.  If you are currently working with a mental health professional, you may wish to direct them to the publisher's website,, to order a copy of the manual.

Additionally, Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson recently published a parent trade book, The Science of Making Friends. The book is designed as a guide for parents who wish to help their adolescents and young adults with social difficulties.  You can purchase The Science of Making Friends at:

Do you offer any social skills programs for children in elementary school or younger?

The Children's Friendship Program offers social skills programs for children in grades 2-6 as well as parenting programs for parents with children ages 2-12.  For more information, please visit their website for more information.

Why are friendships so important?

Having one or two close friends is predictive of later adjustment and:

  • Can buffer the impact of stressful life events
  • Correlates positively with self-esteem
  • Increases independence
  • Correlates negatively with depression and anxiety

What makes PEERS unique from other social skills programs?

Unlike other social skills programs, our program

  • Is evidence-based,
  • Includes parents,
  • Teaches ecologically valid social skills, and
  • Tailors teaching methods to shared social skills deficits.

How can I purchase a PEERS Treatment Manual?

To purchase the PEERS Treatment Manual, please visit our publisher's website at:

Why is parent participation so important for social skills training?

Research shows that parental support, instruction, and supervision all have significant effects upon their child’s friendships.  By learning to be effective social coaches, aiding in homework completion, providing opportunities for peer interaction, and giving guidance on interpersonal problem-solving, parents contribute to their children's successful completion of our program, as well as future social successes.

Is PEERS only for people with ASD?

PEERS is not only for people with ASD.  PEERS has been found to be effective for people with a variety of diagnoses, including but not limited to ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Social Phobias, Bipolar Disorder, and OCD. 

When do the next groups start?

  • The next young adult group begins 9/14/15.
  • The next teen group begins 11/4/15. 

Please contact us to initiate the enrollment process.