Down Syndrome Research

Study Detail

UCLA’s Longevity Center are conducting a brain imaging project focused on detecting early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease inDown Syndrome Adults Aged 40 and Older.

This study involves:

  • 1 Clinical Evaluation
  • 1 Memory Assessment
  • Brain Imaging
    • PET Scans
    • CT or MRI

Participating in the study may help advance early detection techniques for Alzheimer’s Disease in people with Down Syndrome aged 40 and older.

Payment for Participation
For more information call 310-206-7392 ask for Natasha

Research study conducted by Gary Small, M.D.
UCLA Department of Psychiatry

More information and application
Target audience: 

Volunteers must be:

  • In Good Health
  • With No History of:
    • Cerebrovascular Disease, Diabetes, or Cancer
  • With No Uncontrolled Hypertension

Payment for Participation.

Contact details: 

Call for more information at 310-206-7392

Review and Approval
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Renewal Date: 
2014, January 24