MEMORY CARE is the UCLA Longevity Center’s new weekly program for both caregivers and people experiencing memory loss (e.g., mild cognitive impairment, mild Alzheimer’s dementia). MEMORY CARE teaches memory techniques as well as strategies to lower stress and stimulate the mind and the body.  The program takes an innovative approach to memory loss by working directly with people with memory challenges and those involved with their care.

  All MEMORY CARE sessions feature the UCLA Longevity Center’s evidence-based memory exercises and are led by doctoral-level trainers.  Each weekly session consists of three
1-hour groups.
First Hour: Memory Training
•    Memory Training teaches practical techniques for enhancing memory performance.

Second Hour: Mind-Body Connection
•    Participants learn and practice alternative methods like yoga, tai chi, art therapy, and music therapy to help stimulate the mind and body.  Mindfulness exercises lower stress levels, enhance creativity, and help participants learn new strategies for living better longer.

Third Hour: Social/Support Group
•    Participants, family members, and caregivers have the opportunity to socialize with others and talk about how they cope with age-related memory issues.  Both participant and caregiver support groups are led by doctoral-level trainers who facilitate discussions about living with memory difficulties and caregiving challenges.

MEMORY CARE sessions meet every Tuesday for 3 hours.

For more information about program fees and annual membership
Contact: UCLA Longevity Center