Treatment for ADHD, Irritability, and Mood Dysregulation in the Media!

UCLA study to characterize severe mood dysregulation
UCLA study to characterize sever mood dysregulation 

Researchers at UCLA aim to bring ADHD and development into focus

A risk gene for ADHD is identified by UCLA researchers

Dr. McGough describes a novel non-medication treatment approach for ADHD:

"'PET scan data that showed the immediate effects of eTNS on activity in centers in the brain associated with attention prompted our interest in exploring eTNS as a treatment for ADHD in children,' said Dr. McGough. 'There is a pressing need for non-stimulant options to manage ADHD given parental and patient preferences to avoid medication use as well as the possible side effects of these drug therapies.'"

Read about difficulties in the diagnosis of adult ADHD:

"The problem, says James J. McGough, MD, is that the criteria are based in large part on diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in school-aged children." 

Hear Dr. McGough talk about ADHD and medication on NPR!