Cheryl Kinderknecht - Exodus

C Kinderknecht
Medium: Acrylic Mixed Media Painting 
Dimensions (height, width of artwork): H-41.5” x W-31.5” x D-1.5”
Description of Painting or Photo: You see a framed canvas painting that is taller than it is wide.  You see this as though you are observing from quite a distance. There are four very distinct horizon lines that form layers across the painting.  On each horizon line, you see the backlit silhouettes of human figures walking in processional style from the right side to the left side of the canvas. Depending on the “closeness” of a particular horizon line you focus on, figures range in size from finger length to palm length. Some of the figures appear to be children accompanying a parent. The shapes and colors in this painting seem to convey an emotional sense of heaviness. 
Please describe the style and technique you used to create your art.  This work was inspired by the global migrations that are occurring as people flee social. Economic or environmental conditions that no longer sustain them. The style of this art can be called representational art or figurative art, meaning it clearly depicts or represents objects or images from real life. The primary medium is acrylic paint, but ink, graphite, gauche, marbelizing spray and mark making techniques have also been used to create some background textures and mood.