Catherine Herrera - In the Language of Creator, Martins Beach

C Herrera

Title: In the Language of Creator, Martins Beach

Year the art was completed: 2018

Medium: Color Photography

Dimensions (height, width of artwork): 20 x 24

Description: Infamous Martins Beach, its oft-photographed rock jutting out of the ocean as the sun's last rays illuminate the moon in the left-hand corner, the ripple of waves in the rainbow reflection crashing on the darkened sand.

Describe the style and technique you used to create your art: This day, I waited for the Sunset because it was one of those days at Martins Beach that I knew well, a September day when the fog did not roll in, a day like many I spent with my family at Martins Beach, staying till the sun finally set, before packing into the car for the sleepy ride back to my grandparents home in San Jose, CA. This is one of my favorite places on earth, and I document Martins Beach in photographs and video, including a documentary in development for production in summer 2021.