Michelle Gharibian

Being a disabled individual is not a very easy thing, and on top of that being a disabled artist brings many challenges. But these challenges shape me into a stronger individual and artist. As a child I was always given limitations on certain activities, but when I discovered art and jewelry making. It opened my eyes to passion and a way to pass time for and to forget about my troubles. To this day my passion has only become greater.

Receiving the Accessibility grant has opened so many doors for myself, I have gained so many skills in my craft. I pushed myself to learn new techniques because I now have the proper tools to execute them. I was given the confidence I needed. Which allowed me to create an great line of work. I know I would not able to create them without the resources I was given through this opportunity. And that newly found confidence gave me the drive to teach my own jewelry making courses for children and adults. I never knew I would be doing anything like this.

Teaching others has been such a gift for me, knowing that I can influence others and teach them my craft is so rewarding. I know that would not achieve this push without practicing and without my new tools which are allowing me to thrive as an artist.

The other incredible opportunity I gained was a beautiful website, I was given the resources to create my own website where I can showcase my work. But not only that, to share my story as an artist and have my own online shop. I am very proud of my new website and I know that it will be a gateway to new opportunities. I want to thank the NADC again for making this grant available for individuals as I, I know that it has helped me grow as an artist and it will do the same to others.